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Letter from Pastor Paul Francis


I have known Donna and Evan Morgan for over 10 years. When they have not been engaged in ministry elsewhere they have been active, contributing members in our Church. We see in their children and grandchildren the ongoing legacy of faith. They are people of prayer who have Jesus’ heart for the world around them. Whether it is in Halifax, Moncton, Haiti, India or Cuba they are willing to spend the time and resources God has given them to respond to needs that the Holy Spirit points them to. I am excited about the leadership they are giving to the Maritime House of Prayer and see it as part of the prayer mobilization that is happening in various ways across the nation of Canada.


Pastor Paul Francis


Gateway Community Church (Mennonite Brethern)

Sackville, N.S.


Letter from Pastor David Britton


It is a privilege to endorse this latest ministry of Donna and Evan Morgan.  They are a couple who are passionate for the Lord Jesus, and for seeing a move of God come to the Maritimes.  As their friend I know that their heart for prayer is not theoretical, but is expressed through many personal times of prayer and fasting. They have also prayer walked this nation from coast to coast, and also established a prayer retreat center. Their vision of a regional house of prayer is innovative and exciting and is another step of growth in the body of Christ being knit together in love.


Together with you in His service,


David Britton, Sr. Pastor,

Water & Wine Assembly of Christians, Moncton, N. B.


Letter from Pastor Andrew Bryce


Donna & Evan Morgan have been attending our conferences and clinics here on Prince Edward Island for years upon years.  They carry a heart that embraces the entire body of Christ and they have a true appreciation for the many streams that feed the church.  They have a passion to see the nations changed into the image of Jesus and they know what it means to give their complete devotion to Kingdom building.


Not only are they totally devoted to prayer and its multi-faceted expressions, they demonstrate a life of prayer with their devotion to the poor, the broken and the destitute.  I've had many conversations with Donna & Evan and stayed in their home on different occasions and am deeply touched by their love for people of all walks of life, especially the poor.  When I think of the many, many couples and individuals in the Maritimes who would be more than suitable to facilitate a mobile Maritime House of Prayer, I feel safe with the Morgan's knowing they are the kind of servant leaders who will naturally draw others together. I believe they are called to this vital ministry at this specific time and for our region. Their desire is to provide a vehicle for all of us to corporately hear from God and then to assist the church in facilitating His heart for Atlantic Canada. Donna and Evan are down-to-earth, practical and thoughtful people who are ready to help connect the many hidden houses of prayer already operational and growing across this end of the country.  I bless the mantle they carry and trust that they will be used to usher in even deeper and more meaningful relationships in the Maritimes.


Andrew Bryce


Lead Pastor, Summerside Community Church,

Summerside, PEI


Letter from Rev. Jill Weber


All across the earth, Jesus is demonstrating His commitment to His house becoming a house of prayer for all nations, and we are seeing a fulfillment of Malachi 1:11 – “My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun.  In every place incense and pure offering will be brought to my name…”  I believe that every place includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI.  I am grateful for servant leaders like Evan and Donna Morgan who are willing to step up to the plate in this hour and join the global 24/7 prayer movement.  What is required in this day are leaders who, like Jesus did, see what the Father is doing, and realign their lives to partner with Him!  Donna and Evan are kingdom minded leaders like this – the meek who will inherit the earth!  It is my pleasure and privilege to commend them to you, and it is my challenge to you to respond to God’s call to be set as a watchman on the walls of your village, town, or city! We will see God respond to night and day prayer with speedy justice in the Atlantic provinces!


Rev. Jill Weber

Director Greater Ontario House of Prayer