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History and Vision

The Maritime House of Prayer (MHOP) was birthed in the spring
of 2006.  This occurred after eight years of carrying the vision
but not having the full picture of how it would look and function
in our region.  The vision is threefold:  the House of Prayer is to
be a place of worship, intercession, and healing.  It will be an
opportunity to connect with other followers of Jesus who have
a passion to pray and seek the Lord for transformation in our

Mobile MHOP:

The unique aspect of MHOP is that it is a Mobile Maritime House
of Prayer.  We believe that in many cities, towns, and villages of
the Maritimes there will be a group of local people who will come
together one day a month in their own city, town or village.  This
"day" will be a date of the month that will be chosen by the core
group and they will take responsibility for ensuring that this
twenty-four hour period (midnight to midnight) of worship and
intercession will take place in their location each month.  The
physical location (building) may change monthly but the
geographic location will be consistent.  


The hope is that many different churches and denominations will
be involved each month as people come together to participate
in the 24-7 worship and prayer experience.   As this takes place,
we believe that there will be an increase of unity among the
body of Christ.  Out of the core group, it will be necessary to
have a "point person" for each location to act as the liaison
between the local group and the central leadership team.  This
will enable us to maintain contact, and to gather reports and
testimonies that will be recorded on the website to bring glory
to God!   It will help us to see the "big picture" as we rejoice in
what God is doing in our maritime region.

How we can help:

For those who would like to have some assistance in getting
started, we will be happy to bring a team to your location to
work with your worship teams and intercessors.  The purpose
will be solely to come alongside and help facilitate, encourage,
and support your group.  We also can refer you to resource
materials that will help prepare and inform you.  We look
forward to seeing the Maritimes covered with 24-7 prayer and

We need YOU:

We welcome your questions and input.  We do require many
helpers so if you are interested, please let us know your giftings.  
We need researchers, administrators, internet technology
experts, and especially intercessors praying for the MHOP
leadership team.  When you have established a core group for
your location, your next step will be to choose a date and then
let us know your choice.  That date will then be assigned to
your location on a "first come, first served" basis.

 History and Vision